Transportation & Mobility Engineering suite offers a complete solution for designing, shaping  and managing the integration of chassis and powertrains, Class A surfaces and Interior design into the automotive product lifecycle.

Body In White Designer

  • to quickly create or modify a car body in an associative styling and engineering context, taking into account the manufacturability of the created body.
  • this advanced product uses unique skilled features to boost body in white design phase productivity.
  • extend the unique functional modeling technology that enables users to focus on and capture their design intent, by freeing themselves from the sequence in which they model and by associating behaviors with design features, thereby decreasing design complexity.
  • bring greater flexibility to evaluate multiple design variations in a short time frame.


Interior Designer

  • Create advanced surface design capabilities for plastic parts, for cast and forged parts with behavior-driven mechanical features.
  • Apply know-how rules capitalizing best design practices, automates all tasks from simple to complex.
  • Provide strong engineering validation capabilities.
  • Create parts of any complexity while ensuring compliance to engineering requirements.
  • Deliver direct access to manufacturing-ready parts without having to proceed with multiple design iterations.


Powertrain & Chassis Designer

  • Reuse existing designs to gain productivity and cost, and feature based design to embed bets practices and manufacturability rules.
  • Provide all capabilities required for a complex chassis design, including sheet-metal parts, forged parts, advanced kinematics and complex surfaces.
  • Define components with custom behaviors, delivering engineering connections and mechanism animation.
  • Anticipate any manufacturing and assembly instruction feasibility.
  • Experience direct manipulation, advanced surface and detailed design features which allow multi-skills design and cover all complex surface requirements.

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