The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform uses the open Modelica language and Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard to rapidly model and simulate multi-physic dynamic and control systems. These systems can contain a combination of mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, thermal, control, electric power or process-oriented characteristics and components.

Dynamic Systems Engineer

  • Rapidly model and simulate the performance of complex products and systems.
  • Accelerate understanding and validation of complex systems through early virtual simulation.
  • Quickly find solutions to complex multi-physic system design problems.
  • Uses Modelica compliant component models to ensure Intellectual Property capture and re-use.
  • Size, tune and optimize system components and parameters quickly, accurately and early in the system design process.


Mechatronic Systems Engineer

  • Rapid development of systems comprising of mechanical, embedded control software, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic technologies through a rich integrated 2D & 3D systems development environment.
  • Minimize development cost and effort through the reuse of modular components and systems.
  • Ensure compliance with market and regulatory requirements through a structured Model Based Systems Engineering approach.
  • Reuse intellectual property, expertise and models across multiple systems and products.
  • All disciplines share a common understanding of a product or systems behavior.


Systems C Code Export

  • Automatically generate C source code that is reliable and traceable.
  • Generated C code can be adapted for use on any hardware platform.
  • Open access to C source code for user customization.


Systems FMU Export

  • Generate standalone executable Functional Mock-up Units (FMU’s) from a Modelica compliant 3DExperience model for use in other co-simulation environments.


Systems Real Time Execution Export

  • Shorten the development time for complex systems by virtually simulating plant models to validate the behavior of new Electronic Control Units (ECU’s)
  • Leverage high-performance simulation implementations to minimize systems development time
  • Avoid costs and risks associated with executing new ECU’s on real physical plant.


Systems Simulink Export

  • Export a Modelica plant model (developed in either the Systems Dynamics Performance or the Systems Mechatronic Engineering processes) in order to validate the behavior of a plant controller modeled in Simulink.
  • Strengthen collaborative workflow between systems with engineers using Simulink for control systems design.
  • Gradually refine the systems design from simple start models through to detailed product designs.
  • Re-use system plant components in many different systems to reduce maintenance & development time.


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