Modelica systems libraries are developed by domain specialists. Used in conjunction with Dassault Systèmes' Modelica based solutions (either CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE or Dymola) to quickly model and simulate the behavior of complex systems that span multiple engineering disciplines - from flight and vehicle dynamics through to electric power systems.


Systems Battery Library

  • Fosters productivity with built-in algorithms for model management and data handling.
  • Consider variation of cell parameters in a battery pack.
  • Gauge effects of temperature spread on pack capacity and performance.
  • Generate look-up table parameters from measurement data with inbuilt functions.


Systems Behavior Optimization

  • Tune Modelica model parameters for better systems performance, e.g. the gear ratio of a gearbox or the parameters of a system controller.
  • Optimize system parameters so that the overall system behavior is improved.
  • Derive mathematical optimization criteria from simulation results, by frequency responses or by Eigenvalue analysis.


Systems Brushless DC Drives Library

  • Covers a wide range of scenarios due to the different levels of complexity available.
  • Simple coupling with other technical domains (mechanical, thermal) with high flexibility.
  • Parameters and models can be added by the user extending and specializing the functionality of the library.


Systems ClaRa Plus Library

  • Detect and avoid critical states in complex electric power plants.
  • Optimize control models before real plant exists with precise analysis of process transients in components.
  • Fast and efficient investigation of dynamic operation conditions, at component level, for dimensioning.


Systems Cooling Library

  • Significantly reduced costs through the efficient modeling and simulation of cooling circuits.
  • Fosters innovative solutions for heat recovery and thermal management of the complete system.
  • Quickly dimension cooling components to assess sub-systems lifetime and performances.
  • Simplifies control development by considering thermal inertia of coolant circuit based on dynamic models.
  • Easy to implement with compatible connectors and simple component parameterization.
  • Easy to add user-defined fluid property table data to explore other solutions.


Systems Electric Power Library

  • Real time capabilities for efficient control design & validation of the distribution architectures and flight simulators.
  • Enable the concurrent cooling system design with thermal loss and dissipation of the components.
  • Fault triggering and re-configuration for fail safe/fail active architectures.


Systems Electrified Power Train Library

  • Rapid analysis of the impact of different powertrain configurations.
  • Simulate and validate the behavior of complex multi-physics electrified powertrain systems quickly and easily.
  • Validate power management system choices by taking into account the charging and discharging performance of fuel cells and batteries, their interaction with electric drives, their control strategies and other vehicle powertrain systems.
  • Reuse hierarchical system models across multiple system configurations for to allow for maximum agility in defining new electrified powertrain systems.


Systems Flexible Bodies Library

  • Model and simulate mechanical systems that contain a mixture of rigid elements and flexible beam structures.
  • Reduce costs through the seamless modeling and simulation of scenarios that are expensive and difficult to physically test.
  • Analyze the impact of geometric stiffening and buckling during simulations.


Systems Flight Dynamics Library

  • Create accurate multi-disciplinary models and simulation of aircraft flight dynamics that span on-ground operations through to high speed and high attitude flights.
  • Assess the impact of aircraft configuration changes on flight characteristics early in the design process.
  • Leverage accurate flight dynamic models and realistic visualization to create real-time simulators for training pilots and product marketing.


Systems Fluid Power Library

  • Assess and validate control laws for hydraulics systems, from the conceptual design to validation phases.
  • Accelerate development convergence by enabling concurrent engineering and common understanding of the system behavior.
  • Simplification in design processes by easily composing hydraulic systems with other disciplines.


Systems HVAC Library

  • Minimize building HVAC operating costs by selecting the correct system control strategy.
  • Avoid costly HVAC system design errors early in the building design process.
  • Accurately analyze operating costs through whole-year usage simulations of the building HVAC system.
  • Rapidly assess the impact of HVAC system design on occupant comfort.
  • Quickly assess how different control strategies will behave with dynamic building HVAC systems.


Systems Human Comfort Library

  • Eliminate the need for time consuming and costly co-simulation analysis to determine human comfort.
  • Evaluate human comfort through the simultaneous dynamic simulation of zones and air conditioning systems.
  • Save time through the use of state-of-the art engineering with the ability to leverage human comfort specific models.
  • Easily construct and simulate detailed and realistic human comfort, zone, weather and fluid flow models.
  • Addresses the human comfort analysis needs of multiple industries.


Systems Hydrogen Library

  • PEM stack models with variable discretization and level of detail
  • Temperature and pressure dependent membrane model
  • Replaceable models for membrane, media and for heat transfer and pressure drop in flow channels
  • Several initialization types for fluid flow
  • Full compatibility to Modelica DS libraries such as Cooling, Battery, Electrified Powertrains or WindPower


Systems Pneumatics Library

  • Provide gas models and interface with Modelica Standard Library media.
  • Comprehensive list of animated components including valves, reservoirs, actuators, piping, sensors and pneumatic sources, using the ISO1219 standardized icons.
  • Thermal management is available on components.
  • System and component design in the same applications, with the usage of other libraries.
  • Modeling level can be adapted to achieve more accuracy or speed the simulation.


Systems Powertrain Library

  • Use engine, transmission, clutch, driveline and chassis models and components to rapidly model and simulate powertrain systems.
  • Predict vehicle attributes such as performance, fuel economy and drivability.
  • Consider 3D mechanical effects of powertrain on a multi-body vehicle dynamics model and use the models for real-time simulation purposes such as Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing.


Systems Thermal Library

  • Save money by reducing real measurements: Thermal Systems Library provides accurate and industry-proven models already validated by laboratory measurements.
  • Rapidly optimize the best thermal system for your needs, thanks to the scalable, robust and performant modeling.
  • Save time in thermal system performance assessment with a comprehensive set of ready-to-use components and examples.


Systems VeSyMA Engines Library

  • Easy to customize to investigate new technologies like Variable Camshaft Timing and Atkinson cycle engines.
  • Add turbochargers, superchargers and related components such as intercoolers.
  • Easy to switch from mean value and crank angle models through common templates.


Systems VeSyMA Powertrain Library

  • Predict the driving experience of the vehicle from the driver demands on the accelerator.
  • Solve complex multi-discipline challenges of hybridization and control within the vehicle powertrain.
  • Enhance the vehicle performance and efficiency by assessing the most effective powertrain system.


Systems VeSyMA Suspensions Library

  • Faster investigation vehicle handling systems within a multidisciplinary approach for active suspension.
  • Reduce cost with a single solution comprising an extensive list of models and templates for vehicle handling and ride.
  • Benefit from high to real-time performances and built-in paralletisation.


Systems VeSyMA library

  • Accelerate vehicle performance investigation through an intuitive open and modular approach.
  • Predict fuel economy for standard and specific drive cycles, based on multi-domain simulation.
  • Streamlines the processes for further specialized investigation such as vehicle dynamics, or electrified powertrain development.


Systems Wind Power Library

  • Faster Wind Turbine development for specific regions and operational needs.
  • Scalable design and simulation from simplified to detailed models for the different. components.
  • Faster deployment with ready-to-use models for dedicated use cases:Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) techniques,Pitch control,Reactive Power voltage Oriented Control.

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