To produce a reliable surface model at the first attempt, the modeling software has to be able to implement the most advanced mathematics for G0 to G3 quality surfaces, curves and forms. To ensure the designer and the engineer get the results they really need; the software has to do this dynamically and interactively. CATIA provides the most advanced surface modeling products: CATIA Icem and ICEM Surf.


Class A Modeler

Create, edit and analyze aesthetic and ergonomic shapes to the highest Class-A surface quality

Key Benefits

  • Achieve high-end surface quality, up to Class-A Standard Quality.
  • Reach a new level of quality and productivity by Integrating the power of CATIA with the precision of ICEM technology.
  • Create, modify, analyze and render any type of aesthetical and ergonomic shape.
  • Deliver final product surfaces, with G3-continuity, based on inputs such as design-sketches, scanned data or subdivision surfaces.
  • Streamline Style, Class-A and Engineering collaboration and convergence.


Class A Expert

Enriches the Class-A Modeler role productivity with an additional set of advanced tools for transportation designers

Key Benefits

  • Upgrade Class-A Modeler functions: feature modeling and over-crowning...
  • Increase productivity with specialized and advanced features such as Gap, Blend-corner, Cylinder-glass, Tube and Accelerated surface.
  • Experience new global deformation capabilities.



Shape Morphing Modeler

Add-on extending modeling capabilities through dedicated applications for surface refinement and global deformation


Key Benefits

  • Enable to reach high-end quality shapes, to match aesthetical and manufacturing requirements.
  • Bring higher surface modeling capabilities through local refinement and global deformation.
  • Increase perceived quality with advanced explicit surface modeling
  • Reach higher shape standards.
  • Optimize global deformation, analysis and control tools.
  • Propose dedicated features for shape quality conversion and improvement.


Aero Surface Modeler

Provides advanced modeling capabilities in surface-lofting and interior aircraft cabin design


Key Benefits

  • Deliver advanced modeling tools to create, edit analyze and global model complex surface models to facilitate the processes within the Aerospace domain.
  • Enable experts to refine aerodynamic surfaces taking any curve or surface mathematics into consideration.
  • Optimize aerodynamics shapes and forms with a high level of surface quality (up to G3 continuity) while maintaining high accuracy.
  • Control shapes and their advanced mathematics for optimal control of the shape and size of geometry.
  • Improve downstream processes such as composites design, tool path or meshing using higher quality surfaces.


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